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Instagram Ultimate Planner

Instructions, Instagram Checklist, Instagram Ultimate Calendar, Holiday Promo Calendar, Fashion Hashtags Collection, “How To” Guide & Influencer Marketing Contract included

A proven way to plan, promote and profit from your Instagram in you are in Online Retail or Wholesale business. (Great news – you can apply it to promote your personal brand!)

What is Instagram Ultimate Planner?

It is one-of-a-kind working & learning document created for Any Lifestyle or Fashion Retail or Wholesale businesses.

Instagram Ultimate Planner is

– Ready-to-use multi-tab Excel super detailed workbook document. All you need is to insert corresponding dates and text for your posts.

We already included suggested marketing goals, topics, promotions, and list of Fashion hashtags. You will need just choose everything from corresponding lists and insert into the calendar. After that, you can add your marketing copy (text). This document has a separate tab with Instructions

– Proven complete step-by-step planning system designed to take you by the hand to create, promote & profit from your business or personal Instagram account.

– This planner is designed to save dozens of work hours and hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of dollars that you pay to your Digital Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator.

– The planning and posting system based on Instagram, digital marketing, and fashion & lifestyle industries best practices, customers’ psychology & shopping patterns, my clients’ successful performance and my fifteen plus years in Fashion / Lifestyle e-Commerce.

– Boiled down focused information on everything you need to run your Instagram successfully.

– Extra valuable practical info (Instagram Guide) that covers.

    • How to create a profile that gets clicks.
    • How to make content fast.
    • What to put in captions to get attention.
    • How to use hashtags properly.
    • Which metrics to look for when you work with Influencers.
    • Which resources to use for post creation and scheduling.
    • Free and paid resources to grow following & sales.

What Ultimate Planner includes?

1. Detailed Instructions.

2. Instagram Checklist (five detailed sections).

3. Template for twenty posts per week (aggressive, but super-efficient).

4. Template for twelve posts per week (if you think that twenty is too many at the moment).

5. Promotional Holiday Calendar for 2018 with suggested promotions (that performed for top retailers, my clients, and my boutique).

6. Collection of Wholesale Hashtags.

7. Collection of Retail Hashtags.

8. Instagram “How To” Guide.

9. Influencers’ Contract.

Instagram Ultimate Planner, is different…and the #1 unique product for planning successful Instagram strategy, tactics, posts, and promotions for Fashion and Lifestyle Retail & Wholesale, online and Brick & Mortar businesses.

Seven Detailed Excel Tabs Include:

1. Instructions.

instagram planner instructions image

Detailed instructions for Instagram Planning Template, Promotional Calendar, and Hashtags’ Collection.
Each post has a marketing/promotional “Goal”. Instructions list “Topics” corresponding to your goal.

2. Checklist.

instagram checklist image

Your Instagram Checklist has five (5) primary sections: Goals, Branding, Content, Followers & Community, and Hashtags.
There are thirty-one (31) checkpoints under five main sections.
After reading through a checklist and completing it, your understanding of Instagram marketing will become clear, and strategy will fall into place automatically.

3. Monthly template designed for twenty posts per week.

3 posts per day image

Each post has a particular “Goal” already assigned and color coded. A “Goal” means marketing/promotional goal.

Goals are based on multiple variables such as best Instagram & Digital Marketing practices and benchmarks, my clients’ results’, shoppers’ psychology and shopping patterns, and my successful e-Commerce experience and knowledge.

All you need is to pick a “Goal’s” corresponding “Topic” from the list and insert it into the template, so you create your content based on your “Topic”.

“Goals” and “Topics” together create your posting strategy. You don’t have to sweat to think when and what to post about.

There are twenty-six (26) topics to choose from across between four (4)primary marketing goals. The template will tell you exactly how many time per week you need to post the same “Goal.”

4. Monthly template designed for twelve posts per week.

2 posts per day template image

It is the same template as above, but for twelve posts per week.

You can use both templates during the year depending on how busy you are. If you have more time and resources, you should use the template for twenty posts per week. If you are super busy, then you should use twelve posts per week template.

If you are serious about growing your Instagram account, you need to stick to minimum twelve posts per week. However, if you don’t have that much time you can cut it in half manually to five or six posts per week (however, it will not be as effective)

5. Holiday Promo Schedule.

instagram holiday promo schedule image

Holiday Promotional Schedule contains following essential information.

– Holidays for 2018 (date and day of the week).
– Suggested promotions.
– Promo length – the number of days you should run each particular promotion.
– The exact date when you need to start this promo. Based on this info you can plug in the date when your team starts working on content.

The secret sauce of “Suggested Promotions” part of this document is that it is the “industry insider’s” information.

I list the most successful promos based on Top 1000 Online Retailers as well as my clients’ and my boutique’s experience.

The great news (sweet bonus) is that you can also apply the same promotions and dates to your email marketing strategy.

6. Wholesale Hashtags Collection (more than 100 wholesale hashtags).

wholesale hashtags collection image

It is in depth-researched all available “wholesale” related hashtags.
If you a wholesale manufacturer or distributor, those hashtags are must use for your potential customers to find your products on Instagram.

Wholesale hashtags are for Clothing, Jewelry, Accessories, Handbags, Shoes, Plus, Children, Beauty, Gifts, Lingerie.

Each hashtag has the number of searches. We collected only hashtags with more than a hundred searches.

All you need to do is to pick your hashtags from the list and plug them into your posts or comment sections.

7. Retail Hashtags Collection (more than 800 retail fashion related hashtags).

It is in depth-researched multiple available “retail” hashtags.

instagram fashion retail hashtags image

If you are a retailer or individual seller and sale retail B2C (business to consumer) or C2C (consumer to consumer), those hashtags are must use for your potential customers to find you, your products and your business.

There are following hashtags topics:

  • Boutique/Online boutique
  • Apparel
  • Clothing
  • Fashion
  • Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Tops/Tees/Shirts
  • Men
  • Children/Babies
  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Pants
  • Jeans

8. Instagram “How to” Guide (PDF format).

Our Guide has boiled down info on

Part 1:

1. How to create a profile that gets clicks.
2. How to make content fast and be productive.
3. What to put in captions to get attention.
4. How to use hashtags properly what they are for.
5. What to do to for your potential local customers to find you.
6. How to screen others’ Instagram profiles that you want to use for promotion. I’ll show exact metrics to look for when you work with Influencers

Part 2:

1. Apps for content creation.
2. Scheduling tool that I use
3. Link to Free Instagram Webinar to grow your following and sales.
4. Link to Online Course (paid and expensive but totally worth investment) that will teach you how to grow your following.

9. Influencers’ Contract:

This is the contract that I personally have used for years working with major Youtubers, Instagrammers, and Bloggers.

Who is Instagram Ultimate Planner, Promo Calendar & Fashion Hashtags Collection for?

It is for you if you are

 – A retailer, store owner, boutique owner (online or offline).

 – A manufacturer or distributor.

 – An individual seller with a store or without.

 – A person, who promotes her/his personal brand.

 – Someone else related to Fashion or any other Lifestyle industry.

 – Someone not related to Fashion/Lifestyle. This planning template still can be extremely useful, but you should consider a cheaper version that contains just instructions, planning templates, and bonuses.

F.A.Q. and Fun Facts.

1. What if I don’t have Instagram yet is this for me?
Yes, it will help you to learn, go through checklist, plan, and start building your following.

2. Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?
Yes, you get access to everything right away. You can attack the material at any pace you want (I recommend to read Instructions, fill out the checklist, read through bonus tips, and start planning right away).

3. What exactly do I get with the purchase?
Great question! As soon as you purchase, you’ll get immediate access (via download links).
Also, you can join my Facebook group and ask your questions about using the guide there)
You get instant access to
1. Seven Working Tabs (to attack at your own pace).
2. Instagram How to Guide (learning materials and essential resources).
3. Influencers’ Contract.

4. Do I get lifetime access?
Yes, once downloaded it’s yours.

5. What if I buy and want a refund? What is the policy?
So, here is the deal on refunds. I pride myself on the very high-quality product that will work for you if you put time and efforts into learning, planning and implementing. If you are not sure if you want or need it, you should take your time to think.
We put an insane amount of time and efforts to create this product, and we price it less than dinner in not so expensive restaurant.

The product has the super detailed explanation, so you will know right away either you need it or not.

Unfortunately, to prevent fraud, we made this product nonrefundable because it is just one Excel document one PDF and one Microsoft word download.

6. I have a question, who should I ask?
We pride ourselves on having epic customer service so you can either email us at, fill out the contact form here, message via Facebook page or post a question at Facebook group.

7. How do I get started & how much does it cost?
How much is the Instagram Ultimate planner? You could try to figure it out on your own and spend hundreds upon hundred (and spend a TON of time trying free templates) or “hire a consultant” for a high hourly fee who will or will not put it together correctly.

The entire Ultimate Planner is only $59