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Welcome to my informational site about lifestyle local digital marketing & e-Commerce

All tips, advice & resources at one place.


There are exact steps & key points I used for multiple clients & my own store to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online sales in less than 24 months (while having limited budgets & resources)

FEATURED ON is the complete informational resource that teaches how to build, run, promote and profit from online boutique, local business, e-commerce, or personal blog.

Selling online is like a puzzle – if you miss even one small piece, the big picture will not be complete, so this site is about how to put all pieces together and create a beautiful online business picture!

This project started when I was working at the largest fashion marketplace in Los Angeles, which connected more than 600 Fashion/Accessories/Shoes/Beauty manufacturers with hundreds of thousands retails buyers around the globe. As a Head of Digital, I noticed that there was huge demand for “how to run store/boutique profitably” information. Each blog article on this topic received a tremendous viewership.

I suggested the owner create a “Buyers’ University” to make store owners’ lives easier and their business more profitable (which would lead them to buy more from our marketplace as well). Unfortunately, the answer was NO because it was not part of my job description.

As an online boutique owner myself, I would love to help fellow store owners to improve their businesses. I know from my experience what it means to work hard, but loose money at the end of the day because either knowledge, or budgets, or connections or some other piece of the online game puzzle is missing.

Also, helping as many boutiques to make money will also contribute to the economy and create more jobs.

Fashion & Lifestyle E-Commerce knowledge is particular & precise. You can’t get a formal education on this subject – well, technically you can, and I tried to take several classes, but I knew way more than teachers because I had my education combined with a hands-on experience and teachers did not.

Conferences are a great place to get this knowledge, but they are expensive and time-consuming to attend. Also, while getting tons of valuable info, you would still have to have the experience to decide what you should implement and what is not that relevant.

Who is this site for?

  • Existing retail boutiques & store owners/managers who either already have an online presence or planning on it.
  • Local businesses
  • Manufacturers/wholesalers who want to sell directly to consumers online. I was working with more than 550 manufacturers in the marketplace, and all of them wanted to sell B2C but weren’t sure how to create a correct storefront and promote their products.
  • Individual sellers who want to build a lucrative online income. There are hundreds of thousands of people who already established their presence on Poshmark, Mercary, eBay, Amazon. They already sell, but can not build their email list and market to their existing customers because of the third-party platforms policies.

What size of business this information good for?

Small companies with limited E-Commerce & Online Marketing knowledge, budgets, and resources.

Medium size retailers with some budgets and small in-house E-Commerce teams.

Retail chains with larger budgets (While concentrating on smaller companies, I’ll share some knowledge that took me ahead of the competition when I was working at Top 500 Retailers).

Individuals who want to learn shortcuts without wasting their own money on trial and error.

Key benefits of learning from VKEcom and getting in on my email list:

1. You will receive practical, focused information on what to do when to do it, and how to do it.

2. All information is relevant to specifically Fashion & Lifestyle online niches & products and based on my hands-on successful 15+ years of experience working with multiple small companies, large retailers as well as flying solo running my store and selling on Poshmark (where I currently have 222,000 followers) & eBay.

3. You will receive boiled down knowledge on how to

1) Create your strategy & tactics on inventory planning, suppliers’ choice, E-Commerce,     Online Marketing and executing on them correctly & efficiently.

2) Build or adjust Fashion & Lifestyle Websites based on the best industry practices as well on insider knowledge of what is important and what is not

3) Brand your store; you will find out what online branding means and how to cater your brand to your specific customers.

4) Understand who your ideal clients are and how to deliver to them & make them want to come back.

5) Find suppliers and inventory that will sell and re-sell

6) Grow your customers’ list and online community

7) Make or increase your company revenues via different online marketing channels. You will learn what those channels are and which once are better for you.

8) Learn shortcuts to Acquisition Marketing (Influencers’ & Ambassador Programs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (paid advertising), Comparison Engine Feeds (for example, Google Shopping), Affiliate Marketing), Retention Marketing (Email Marketing, Retargeting), Social Media & Mobile.

4. You will be able to save your company’s time and money by not only PREVENTING your business FROM “TRIAL & ERROR” MISTAKES AND LOSSES,” but also by

1) Learning how to analyze your current situation and see where your “low-hanging” fruits are

2) Receiving the complete research of suppliers, tools, and third party agencies

3) Understanding how to negotiate the best deals with third party vendors – I will be explaining what to look for in the third party company, how to interview them, what to expect and till which point to negotiate

4) Getting advice of where to outsource parts of your business without losing quality

5) Finding out how to utilize necessary skills from existing in house team and what kind of people you need to hire, how to recognize a good candidate, what you should be aware of, should you get someone with experience versus someone loyal, smart, trainable, but inexperienced.

6) Figuring out which projects are better to do in house and what parts of business is better to outsource

7) Learning about metrics, KPIs, statistics and best ways to measure your growth and success

8) Getting the complete grasp on how to create winner promotions, for your website, email marketing, Google / Facebook ads and affiliate program that will convert on high ROI

9) Being able to download check lists (“to-do” lists) for your E-Commerce operations and Online marketing.

10) Plus, understanding how to budget and what is the minimum, which marketing channel is more efficient in your situation

11) Mastering E-Commerce & Lifestyle photography that sells, graphics that convert, content that get shares.