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Digital Marketing Tools: Your Ultimate Equipment to Win Online Game

The Best | Tested | Proven | Cost-Effective | Most Loved


There are exact steps & key points I used for multiple clients & my own store to go from $0 to over $1,000,000 in online sales in less than 24 months (while having limited budgets & resources)


Digital marketing tools’ set is like a car – the faster your car, the sooner you reach the destination. The more luxurious your car – the more pleasure you will have down the road.

To make a long story short – without the set of right tools, your business won’t go far. It’s 2021 and you compete with a well-equipped army of online sharks who have been swimming in the digital ocean for ages.

So, Welcome to the best tools, resources, and equipment to navigate and win an internet game of small online business.

As an online business owner, you have to make tons of decisions daily. Choosing the right tools is critical for your success. I wanted to make your life easier and recommend tools I personally used and loved.

Who my recommended Digital Marketing Tools are for?

  • retail online stores & boutiques
  • wholesale (B2B) stores
  • local businesses
  • affiliate websites
  • informational blogs
  • online courses
  • eBay, Amazon, ETSY, Poshmark sellers

What is the difference between tools I recommend and tools from the first page of Google?

If you are looking for the right online tools, you already did your research by now. And, I’m sure you feel confused because of the variety of choices and opinions.
What is the difference between digital marketing tools I recommend?

    • I PERSONALLY use tools listed below or used when needed for my businesses or my clients.
    • Those tools are essential to have at all times or use during a particular task. I won’t recommend something you can get by without because working at a small business equals restricted marketing budgets.
    • I specify which tool you need for each type of business (just read carefully)Majority of tools have a free trial, so you can test them out before committing.
    • Some of those fantastic tools are free

What is the difference between tools others recommend, huge trusted companies?
I will make it simple

  • Usually, when you search for something, you rarely go further than 2nd page of Google. What you need to know about “the big guys with well-known names.” They
  • have huge SEO budgets, so they show up on the first page of Google, making them look super knowledgeable.
  • recommend tools on which they receive higher commissions (it’s called affiliate marketing – you promote something and get a commission) rather than tools you would need
  • they most likely never tried any of the tools themselves, especially people who write (they are just writers, not practitioners)

Keyword research tools

keyword research tool for online small business

Each online business starts from keyword research and keyword planning.

The same like each building starts from drawing. Keywords are the foundation of each online business. 

If you start your online business from keyword research, it will be set for success! (Without an initial keyword planning, the online presence is set for failure. 

If you are

  • blogger (influencer, social media personality)
  • local business (ANY TYPE)
  • online retailer or wholesaler (any vertical)
  • coach/consultant 
  • Amazon, Ebay, Poshmark, or any other third party seller

If you Google keyword research tools, there will be 106 million results pages and quite a few research tool suggestions (including Google keyword planner). 

I tried them all – paid and free ones. 

My verdict – the only keyword tool you would need is SEMrush. (Also, it has ton's of other valuable tools under the same interface) 

read semrush review here try semrush here


Website Building Tools

website building tools for online business

When you start to build or rebuild our website, you need to choose digital marketing tools for

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Website Platform (either e-commerce if you operate the store or content management system if you provide information)

Buy New Domains

There are two places which I consider the best.

1 GoDaddy

GoDaddy is my personal favorite. It gives you access to new domains and to auction. I bought the majority of my domains and SSLs from GoDaddy. They also offer numerous products for small businesses.

 2 NameCheap

The name talks to itself. Great domain name provider.

Buy Aged (Expired and Auctioned) Domains

After multiple trials and errors, I figured the right way to go. And this is


Buy Hosting 

  1. Kinsta Hosting

After using different hosting from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, I found my absolute favorite Kinsta Hosting.

Read My Kinsta Review Here Get Kinsta Hosting Here


Email Marketing Tools

email marketing tools for online business

For Online Entrepreneurs and Local Businesses


My #1 favorite Email Service Provider is Convert Kit.

It has tons of super useful features and it's the best all-in-one ESP solution. So why I love it so much? Because you can

  • Easy to learn, implement and use
  • Sell digital products
  • Create multiple email sequences, forms & automation
  • Integrate with your favorite tools
  • Track your daily subscribers, email performance, and more

I can talk for a long time about the ConvertKit, but you can

Check Out ConvertKit Now!


For Online Stores (Retail & Wholesale)

SEO Tools

seo tools for online business and digital marketing

Local SEO Tools

local seo tools for online business and digital marketing

Social Media Tools

social media tools for online business


Create Online Course Tools


tools to create online course

Best Digital Marketing Courses I Recommend to Take

best digital marketing courses for online business

Best Productivity Tools

best productivity tools for online business