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How to use Pinterest for Business – Get More Customers.

How to use Pinterest for business and if this will help?

Pinterest is not only a Social Network but a major Search Engine – use it to the fullest!

Why use Pinterest? Because Pinterest is full of shoppers. See Pinterest statistics below.

My clients often ask me how to use Pinterest for business and why would they need it. And what is Pinterest in the first place?

Pinterest is not only a globally recognized, highly visual Social Network, but top Search Engine.

In simple words you can optimize your images based on keywords and potential customers will find you with ease!

Using Pinterest correctly will increase your quality traffic dramatically.

In this article, I will give the action plan based on what we did for our wholesale fashion client.

Before starting your Pinterest content creation and optimization, you have to have a business account. If you have a personal account, it is effortless to switch it to business. If you are not sure how to do it, read here.

Brief Pinterest Introduction.


Board is a place to organize your images by topics. You can think of it as storages for similar items. In one, you keep your jewelry, in other t-shirts, in third shoes, etc.


This is a visual bookmark of what you liked and added to your board.


This is sharing someone’s pin to your board. Re-pinning is a great and entertaining thing to do, but at this moment, we are going to concentrate on sharing your products and information.

Pin it button

this is a Pinterest button that you will add to your browser (I use it with Chrome) for ease of pinning. If you don’t know how to add it, read it at Pinterest Help Center.

It should look like this at your browser.

Boards You Need.

Before creating your boards, you need to do careful planning and keyword research, and only after that, you create actual boards.

List of most recommended boards for Fashion & Lifestyle business.

About Your Company Board

The board about what you can do for your customers, what benefits your company has comparing to the competition, etc.

Testimonials Board

This is the board with your customers’ testimonials. You might be skeptical about reading this because you think it is hard to get testimonials in Fashion & Lifestyle niches. Especially, for some reasons, fashion wholesale business owners are hesitant about asking for testimonials

However, getting testimonials is much easier than you think. Images of Yelp, Google reviews, thank your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter messages from customers, emails would make amazing Testimonials’ pins.

If you don’t know how to get testimonials, download and read my Vendor Guide.

Behind the Scenes Board

People would love a sneak pick to your business, especially if it’s product design, photo shoots, fun office environment, etc. Whatever you can show in this section will make you one step closer to your potential or existing customers. Everything that humanizes your brand will bring your authority and likability up.

Product Boards

You have to make sure that there is a board for each category of your products.

For example Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Jewelry. You can create boards’ subcategories or different boards for one type of product. For instance, if you sell different dresses, you can have a board “Dresses” with subcategories “Summer Dresses,” “Little Black Dresses,” “Casual Dresses.” Or you can create different separate boards, for example, “Evening Dresses,” Cocktail Dresses,” etc if you have multiple products and you would like to optimize more strategically on this particular keyword or set of keywords.

Resources’ Board

Going toward 2020 each business must have an informational section on the website and useful informational content on social media.

Information is a key for Search Engine Optimization, as well as for branding and customer retention purposes. So, as a minimum, you need to have a blog with several guides. For example, if you run a wholesale company, you would create “Top Spring Styles for Women” Guide, or if you are an online boutique, something like “20 Ways to Style Your Tees”. Any resource that your customers could use, you need to pin in “Resource” board.

Quotes’ Board

it is a highly popular board to have. However, make sure that your quotes would resonate with your business and attract potential customers. For example, I write a majority of my quotes for Instagram and pin them into Pinterest. This way I make sure that my quotes appeal to my target customers

Tutorials’ Board

Everyone loves “how to” that will teach you something. Even though you might think that it is not entirely applicable to your business, create a couple of keyword-based tutorials that will teach your customers something. Keyword-based tutorials are great for SEO. You can re-purpose them into videos or infographics later.

Those are the recommended boards to have. Product boards should be a vast majority. You can also add many other boards of your choice, just make sure that you do it for getting and keeping your customers’ attention, not because you got sucked into the entertaining process of pinning.

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

Before starting your optimization, you want to make sure that Search Engines will find your pins and boards, so make sure that you go to Settings/Privacy & Data and uncheck Search Privacy.

Next, I would like to provide a little cheat sheet for you to know what are numbers when you can deal with (information provided by Sprout Social)

Pinterest optimization is similar to on-page Search Engine Optimization. You should dedicate time to write useful content – pins’ and boards’ descriptions, and About section.

You want to make sure that you do it naturally, so all your descriptions flow. Your text should be meaningful, but incorporate keywords at the same time.

Step 1 – Keyword Research

If you don’t have ready Keyword research for your site, you need to do it. As a rule of thumb in ANY online business, every website page must be keyword based

There is an ultimate guide for keyword research.

As an addition to your keywords research, you can use keywords from the Pinterest search bar. Below are examples for wholesale and retail companies.

Step 2 –Image File Optimization

All images must be named based on the keyword for Search Engine to find them. File names should have keywords. Keywords should be front-loaded.

Step 3 – Board Descriptions

Each board has to have a keyword in the description. Again, for better results frond load your keyword. For example, the description for Wholesale Boutique Clothing board as a minimum should look like this “Wholesale Boutique Women’s Clothing – high-quality wholesale dresses, wholesale tops, wholesale jackets and more.”

The formula for board descriptions is “Keyword+Products+Benefits.”

Step 4. Pins’ Descriptions

The same as a board, each pin’s description should be keyword based. For consistency, it is better to name following the formula

“Your Brand + Style Number + Keyword + Benefits + Company Short Description.”

Step 5. Linking Pins to Your Site

While Pinterest backlinks are “nofollow” (meaning they don’t have a direct impact on your site for Google to find it), they have an incredible value because they bring referral traffic.

If users find your pins when type keywords into Search, click on your pins, and then it will translate to direct traffic to your site. There is a correlation between traffic increase and Search Engine Optimization. It means the more traffic you can generate from high authority sites, the better your organic search position will be (this is a part of Google algorithm).

Best times to post

According to CoSchedule,The best time to post on Pinterest is 8-11 pm, especially on Saturdays.

For some reasons, the worst time on Pinterest is during work hours – Make sure to include a call to action! 80% of people that see your content during peak times won’t interact otherwise.

In my experience, it did not matter what time we posted. My international team did it on its local time, but we still had tremendous results, impressions and engagement increase, and traffic increase that translated into sign-ups and then sales.

If you developing Social Media presence and would like to start having customers and sales from it, read my.

Pinterest is a great platform to help you grow your business online. There is a huge opportunity here because not enough businesses are leveraging it the way they should. For example, here is another way you can make money on Pinterest for your business

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